Esports With a passion

Together, we are determined to compete at the top of Swiss Esports.
With our attention set on the development of our infrastructure and our players we are following our goal to bring Swiss Esports to the next level.

We are lostik

Founded in 2018 by Kevin “Greggie” Schlegel, Lostik is one of the premier Esports Organisations in Switzerland.
Our Team is devoted to further expand the reach of Swiss Esports, its competition and its players.

Redefining Content

With our passionate Content Team we are creating innovative and entertaining Media, focused around our Athletes. With this, our main goal is to promote our Athletes and also create a platform for our Partners.
Together we want to bring Swiss Esports and Lostik to as many eyes as we can.

Creating legends

The Athletes are, what defines Lostik. That’s why it is crucial that we support them and provide everything they need to succeed.
With our player-focused content, they gain access to a platform which enables them to build their own brand.

The People behind Lostik