League of Legends

Hi!My name is Amine, or DDMonkey under my nickname.

I am 25 years old, and I play League since season 4 (2014). I was an elite athlete (Golf) so at the beginning I was only playing League for fun. Unfortunately, I had to have surgery due to an injury.I was looking for the same feeling of competition that I had in sports. And that's how I found esport. Since then, I play League seriously and in competition (4 years approximately). I'm a serious person when I have goals to achieve and that's why I'm giving my own to do it. So, the way I can describe myself is that I never give up whatever happens. I also really like to stream,  it's one of my favorite hobby. I also still like sport, and fitness helps me today to keep up a good mentality. In the game, I am known as one of the best Ziggs in the world, or at least the best in West Europe. My game style doesn't fit with all teams because I'm more like a supportive midlaner which gives others opportunity to carry. However, it did with the actual roster of Lostik.

I'm here to prove that I'm one of the best in Switzerland, and that you can achieve anything you want if you give yourself the means.So let's go Lostik and let's conquer Switzerland!

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