Flashback to the Exciting Red Bull Itemania Event: Triumph for Team Inferno!


The Red Bull Itemania is a League of Legends Cup where teams qualify by getting voted in. This unique event is known for its randomized items and interesting twists that keep the players constantly challenged. Six teams battled it out for the glory and a CHF 2,000 prize, with the event being broadcasted live on Twitch on 25th March.

Don't miss a beat of the action: Watch our Vlog for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Lostik's experience during the thrilling RedBull Itemania event!

Now, let's dive into the chronological highlights of this unforgettable journey!

1st February 2022: The Voting Begins

The race for votes was on, with eight teams vying for a spot in the Itemania Event. Among the contenders were Team BDS, Phoenyx, Lostik, and DIVE Esports, among others. The fight for the most votes was intense, with the outcome uncertain until the very end.

8th February: Voting Closes, Nail-Biting End Results

The voting came to a close, and the final rankings were as follows:

1. Team BDS (380 Votes)
2. Phoenyx (177 Votes)
3. Lostik (171 Votes)
4. DIVE (169 Votes)

The fierce competition between the teams was evident, with the winners only emerging in the final moments of voting.

18th February: Red Bull Itemania Content Day

Maxiethunder from Team Inferno and Straylx from Team Ocean, both representing Lostik's League of Legends team, were selected to attend the Itemania Event. They joined other players at the media day, showcasing their enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming competition.

4th March: Last Chance Qualifier

In a thrilling turn of events, mYinsanity won the Last Chance Qualifier, securing the final spot in the Red Bull Itemania Event.

25th March: The Big Day – Team Ocean vs. Team Inferno

The stage was set for an epic showdown between Team Ocean and Team Inferno. With Team Ocean having won the last three times, the pressure was on for Team Inferno to break the streak. The games were intense, with both teams giving their all in pursuit of victory.

Watch the full stream here

In the end, Team Inferno emerged triumphant with a 3-0 victory, claiming the title and the CHF 2,000 prize!

The Red Bull Itemania Event was an unforgettable experience for Lostik and all the participating teams. The intense battles, the unique challenges, and the camaraderie between players made this event a true highlight in the world of E-Sports. With the taste of victory still fresh, we eagerly look forward to the next Red Bull Itemania and the opportunity to once again showcase our skills and passion for the game.